Saturday, March 24, 2012

Take Over Zone - if there's home base, there's a finish line...

Whatever the above title says, you'll know if you'll read the manga but I'll tell you anyways.
This yaoi manga depicts the life of Mizuki, a former track and field player, who wanted to lead such a boring life but he is once again tugged into the world of track and field ever since his classmate saw him sprint during their PE class. Mizuki finds himself remembering how much he enjoyed running but his heart is also beating but not because of running. Konno, a snob senpai who ignites the competitive side of Mizuki, might just have something to do with it!
The manga is just short, 2 volumes to be exact but it's a good read to past the time. The intimate scenes are just few and it's just too subtle when it comes to emotion. Nothing much for me to remember in a few days. Better make a review while I still can.
If I had to rank this manga from 1 - 10, 10 being the highest... I would have to say... a 4, the art is good.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Interval - a sweet, at the same bitter, story!

     This manga is all about Ayumu who has this long unrequited love for his classmate, Shinohara but what is he going to do when his senpai, Sawatari, from the track team suddenly forces his way into his pants!!! What's an innocent kohai to do? Does his senpai have any feelings for him? If so, is it love or just pure lust? Ayumu is now torn between Shinohara and Sawatari. Well, everything starts to get confusing for our Ayumu but ganbatte, ne?
     I enjoyed reading this manga so much that its file was in my computer for 6 months so that if I find myself without anything more to read then I have Interval (and all others). This manga is good in its own way. I loved it when I just read this when I don't have anything else to do. I so love the art of this manga as well. I love those eyes of Sawatari in this cover picture! This cover actually tells so much of practically everything of what this manga is. Oh, well, as much as I want to but I don't want to tell any spoilers because I want you to read it! READ IT NOW! Anyway, it's just short. Sawatari is just so handsome and Ayumu is just so innocent and cute!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Sizzling Hot Scenes from UNDERGRAND HOTEL!

            This yaoi manga is something that would make your eyes feast with the intense make-out scenes that fill this manga's pages up! This story by the way is about  2 guys stuck in an underground prison and fate brought them together – emotions start flaring and lust starts oozing. First, this newbie guy, Sen, went to prison for murdering the husband of his teacher whom he's going out with. When he got into this underground prison, he caught the attention of the shut call - Swordfish who is famous for how notorious he is. Unexpectedly, things start to get out of hand but how will these two guys ever gonna find happiness in this underground prison? How will this underground prison change into their UNDER GRAND HOTEL? Find out how they seek for happiness in a place where it seems to be impossible.
            I really liked reading this yaoi manga since the uke and seme are both so manly! I love it like that! Those intense ANALS are just too much to crave for! LOL! I'm gonna apologize again for being lewd because my boyfriend is homophobic. Oh! I forgot to mention... I also love some intense S&M too! For those who don't have any idea what that means it actually means “Sadistic and Masochistic”.
            I guess that's it! Under Grand Hotel is a very good yaoi read!  

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Action-packed Viewfinder series!

           Viewfinder is one of the yaoi manga that I enjoyed reading so much. It is about this freelance photographer named Akihiko who doesn't have fear on his vocabulary until he met Asami. He happened to catch Asami on his camera doing some illegal business only to be chased by him. Asami who is a business tycoon and an underground leader didn't stop pursuing Akihiko and deep feelings spark between the two. Akihiko then is thrown into the chaotic world of mafia groups fighting and into a very chaotic love triangle as well. This manga is so action-packed aside from the fact that it is a yaoi manga. The characters are so bishounen! I can't help it! I just love this seme-uke pairing so much since Akihiko is not girly although he is significantly smaller but I usually crave for manly bishounen for both the uke and seme which you can hardly find. I also forgot to mention. I love those intense, heated, passionate make-out scenes they have! They're so damn hot!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

captivated by Royal Fiance

              Royal Fiance is a one-volume yaoi manga that I loved so much that I reread it like 3 times. Well, seeing how short it is, I know that you know that I didn't mind. This manga revolves around this student who had no parents and grew up with his aunt. Unfortunately, his aunt was sick and had to be brought to the hospital. They didn't have enough money for that so he decided to stop studying and work so that they could pay for all those hospital bills. A fortunate encounter with an old man ended up with him being offered a job as a housekeeper for a rich family or so the old man said but little did he knew on what kind of big trouble he let himself into. He doesn't just ended up working for a rich family but for a royal family who happens to have a son (prince) whose actually his schoolmate! The most absurd thing was that he wasn't a housekeeper but a fiance for this schoolmate and, you got that right, the prince! How would this unexpected turn of events bring to the guy couple?!?!?!
              This manga was a bit dramatic in a way and don't expect this to be of the comedy genre because, as far as I could remember, there wasn't much to laugh at. I just wanted to point out that I'm not into manga with royalty stuff in it but I loved this and I just also want to mention that the prince is totally a bishie!!!!!!!!!! There are a lot of good-looking guys in here and, yeah, the typical uke-seme pairing which I don't like but the story kinda compensates for it so it is still a thumbs up for me.

              Note: I apologize for some of my reviews that don't mention the names of the characters in it since I don't really remember most of them.  I only remember the story. I'll try to edit and put some names in it if I have the time though so that is if I do have the time.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

can't get SEVEN DAYS out of my head!

              I've read a lot of yaoi manga for the past month and this is definitely the first shonen ai manga that I have ever read in my almost a decade of being an otaku.
              This manga really surprised me in a very good way. I've encountered this title at recommendation forums in manga fox but I never expected it to be really good. First of all, the cover art is not that attractive although it was kinda unique in its own way. I read the synopsis at and it got me really interested to push through reading this manga. I thank all those yaoi fans for introducing me to such an interesting and emotional manga. It's just so unfortunate because scanlations were dropped due to this manga being licensed but I won't hesitate buying the published works and I so support the artist/author of this manga!
              To start off, this manga is basically about 2 straight popular guys who just unexpectedly started dating in the most weird way. I never really appreciated shonen ai because I loved the intense sexual scenes that only in yaoi that one can see but Seven Days was mellow but deep. First of all, we are introduced to this popular guy named Shino who has a polar opposite personality from his handsome looks. In short, his personality is so bad which is totally opposite to him being so good-looking – the root cause of him being dumped by the girls who go out with him. The other guy is Shino's underclassman, Seryou,  who is also really popular. He is also known for going out with the first person who confesses to him on Monday but by the end of the week he breaks up with them with a  I- can't-fall-inlove-with-you- excuse. Although they both are in the same archery club, they totally don't exist in each other's world... that is before the story starts rolling anyways. Their first encounter was when Shino was waiting for a pizza delivery outside school and at the same time, while he was waiting, Seryou arrived late for school in a car that was driven by a woman who looks older than both of them. At this time, Shino just knew about Seryou's dating antics and he was interested to know how he would react if he would ask him out. So during their brief converstaion outside school, Shino suddenly blurted out, “Why don't you go out with me?” Shino who was only interested to know Seryou's reaction didn't expect that Seryou would actually take it seriously. Now their interesting story full of emotions will about to start.
              I loved this manga and for the first shonen ai that I have read. This would totally be the best I bet and that this would become a benchmark for those other shonen ai manga that I might read in the future! I love this manga! I bet you would too (--only applicable for those who are comfortable with BL stuff...).

Saturday, January 2, 2010

I fell for The Tyrant who Fall in Love

This lust-filled manga will totally satisfy your younger seme and straight uke cravings! This is another case of a love-hate relationship of the main characters. This manga is about Morinaga who has been in love with his sempai, Souichi,  for a long time. The only problem is that his sempai hates homos because his younger brother was taken by one or so he says! What's Morinaga to do? But there's still hope since his sempai doesn't mind being with him even if he knows of his homosexuality. Now, the only wall to cross over is how he could manage to get their relationship to the next level. I had a lot of fun reading this yaoi manga and it has a lot of hot ass-fucking scenes (forgive me for being lewd... LOL)! It really is an enjoyable read and scanlations are still ongoing so I can't wait for the next chapter and when that homophobic sempai admits his true feelings!